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Fun for Friday: A Trio of Images

| March 11, 2022

It’s time for more image prompts! The first image is a partial view of a cat’s paw. The cat is orange and white, and the paw pads are pink. There’s a blue blanket or towel covering part of the cat’s paw. The second image is a hilly terrain covered with fog and trees, primarily conifers. […]

Fun for Friday: Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic Images

| January 21, 2022

This week’s Fun for Friday is sci-fi and post-apocalyptic images! The first image is an illustration from the mid-twentieth century speculating on what space travel would be like. It depicts three men, two of whom are seated at a table and one of whom is floating horizontally toward the table. They appear to be engaged […]

Fun for Friday: 52 Weeks of Photo Writing Prompts

| March 22, 2019

Did you know that when it comes to images as writing prompts, your brain has an easier time coming up with an idea when there’s more than one image involved? That’s what author and editor John Matthew Fox explains in his post containing 52 weeks of writing prompts. By having three disparate images for each […]

Fun for Friday: Images as Inspiration

| February 15, 2019

I’m a very visual person, so it’s not entirely surprising that I get a lot of mileage out of images of unusual things. It might be something as simple as these glass-like flowers. The description I found for them says “A flower whose petals turn clear as glass when wet… Diphylleia Grayi otherwise known as […]