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Horror Video Games with Good Story

| December 1, 2021

If you’re looking for a spooky horror video game to play, check out this list of 15 horror games with good story. I’m not a huge video gamer, but of course I’m familiar with Resident Evil and Silent Hill, both of which have specific titles on this list. I’ve also heard good stuff about Alan […]

Fun for Friday: Haunted Images

| October 15, 2021

It wouldn’t be October without some spooky image prompts, now would it? The first image is of a person wearing a hooded coat and carrying a backpack standing on a tree-lined road that leads to a large, old house, with a full moon overhead. It’s a nighttime scene in blueish shades. The second image is […]

Game to Watch For: Phantom Ink

| October 13, 2021

In looking for cool spooky games, I came across Phantom Ink, which was originally called Ghost Writer when it was funded on Kickstarter. It’s meant to be a party game with elements of Mysterium and Decrypto. Players divide into two teams and portray either a ghost or a medium, with the ghosts sending cryptic partial […]

Fun for Friday: October 2021 Writing Prompts

| October 1, 2021

This year, I’m going all in for Halloween-themed prompts for the month of October. These are compiled from other creators; specifically, column 1 is Mab’s Drawlloween Club, column 2 is Creeptober from Kick in the Creatives, and column 3 is from Drawlloween.com. The format of these is slightly different from my normal single word format, […]

Spooky Reads for All Ages: Spiders of the Shifting Swamp!

| October 29, 2020

It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your copy of Spiders of the Shifting Swamp on hand to read? I call it a spooky read, but it’s not really all that spooky. It is, however, a fun book for kids that adults will also enjoy. It features spiders, ogres, and lizards in its pages, but it’s […]

Fun for Friday: October 2020 Writing Prompts

| September 25, 2020

It’s my favorite time of the year: Halloween! I’m ready for lots of spooky writing prompts and other autumnal delights! This month, the words in the first column come from Millennial Boss’s Simple Drawing Prompts. Words in the second column are the words that I’ve come up with, steering clear of the October theme of […]

Fun for Friday: Scary Story Prompts

| October 4, 2019

With it being October, it’s time for some spooky story prompts. As a warning, if you scare easily, you might want to skip these links. Here, you can find 101 terrifying horror story prompts in a general list, and here, you can find 101 MORE terrifying horror story prompts in various categories, some of which […]

Happy Halloween!

| October 31, 2018

It’s my favorite holiday of them all, Halloween! Strangely, I’m not doing anything particularly Halloween-y today. Though there will probably be some candy consumed. Okay, there will definitely be some candy consumed. This is also the beginning of my final vacation/trip this month/year, as we’re off to our annual gaming convention in Portland. Happy Halloween […]

Spooky Reads Recommendation: Nocturals by Dan Brereton

| October 18, 2017

I’m working on more reviews to post, but in the meantime, here’s a mini-comic book review from the depths of our collections. Nocturnals was a comic that came out in 1995, but somehow, I missed it until recently. Looking at this book (which we have in hardcover), it’s everything that 90s goth girl me would […]