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More Gift Ideas for Authors!

| December 13, 2021

The holidays are approaching quickly, but if you’re still looking for a gift idea for an author in your life, check out this list! It’s a great mix of practical and whimsical, and covers a range of price points!

Neat Gift Ideas for Writers

| November 29, 2021

If you’re doing some holiday shopping for your writer friends, here’s a fantastic list of ideas that would be neat gifts for a writer to receive! There are tons of ideas here, and some of them might also provide jumping off points for you to consider other options. While many of the links in this […]

Unique Gifts for Writers

| November 15, 2021

It’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping (if you haven’t already started), and that means thinking of things to buy the writers who have made their way onto your holiday shopping lists. You can’t really judge authors for being naughty, because sometimes that’s what it takes to make the words happen. But if you […]

Gifts for Writers: Ridiculous Post-It Notes

| December 9, 2019

If you’re shopping for a writer this holiday season, have you considered a fun stocking stuffer of ridiculous post-it notes? Not only are they fun, they’re also practical, because most authors I know swear by post-it notes of some sort to keep track of projects, plots, or even our mundane to-do lists. I personally have […]

Gifts for Writers: Do Not Disturb Sign

| December 25, 2017

Sometimes, more than anything else, writers just need to write undisturbed. This is definitely the case for me. I have giant noise-cancelling headphones that I love, and those are my subtle “do not disturb” sign. But then there are times when that’s not an option. At work, I have to listen for the phones, so […]

Gifts for Writers: Planning Books!

| December 18, 2017

Writers often have a lot of projects to keep track of. And while there are a lot of different ways to keep track of those projects, I’ve recently become a big fan of paper planners. (Though I still keep My Giant Spreadsheet of Doom too.) With my paper planner, I can keep notes on the […]

Gifts for Writers: Mugs!

| December 11, 2017

Many writers are fueled by caffeine. I’m not one of them, but I still appreciate a good coffee mug for my tea. Or milk (with cookies). Or, sometimes, a mixed drink. If you’ve got a fueled-by-caffeine-or-other-beverages writer in your life, a mug can be a great gift. Especially one as cute as this one from […]

Gifts for Writers: Helpful Books

| December 4, 2017

There are many books about writing available, and every writer has some that they like better than others. If you’re looking for some books to buy an aspiring writer who may not have already picked out some favorites, check these out! Jumpstart Your Novel by Mark Teppo. This is my go-to book for outlining novels, […]