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Fun for Friday: Steampunk Plot Generator!

| January 14, 2022

Steampunk may have had its big moment in the sun and moved on, but if you’re a fan, check out this steampunk plot generator! In addition to using a spreadsheet populated with some realistic Victorian-era data, it also gives you the plot in the┬áSave the Cat! format, which means it pretty much walks you through […]

Fun for Friday: New Image Prompts!

| January 7, 2022

It’s time for another batch of image prompts! The first image shows a hexagonal framed structure that appears to be observation areas for a cityscape. The second image shows fireworks exploding behind the Eiffel Tower at night. The third image shows the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York skyline on a cloudy night, with the […]

January 2022 Writing Prompts

| December 31, 2021

Tomorrow begins a new year, which is also a great time to take on a new writing challenge! This month, I’ve got some words derived from a couple of non-thematic lists I found, mixed in with some totally random words. So you may discern some themes from day to day, but hopefully the inclusion of […]

Fun for Friday: Winter Photo Prompts!

| December 24, 2021

This week, I’ve got some winter themed image prompts that might also work for speculative fiction. Maybe they’re all related, and maybe they’re three very different places! The first image depicts a large but very slender crescent moon above the sun, which is above a bank of clouds or low hills, above a reflective surfact. […]

Fun for Friday: Story Idea Generators

| December 17, 2021

Some people have more ideas than they know what to do with, but others need a little help to find new ideas sometimes! This list from Masterclass has eight ways to find story ideas, which might apply to short stories or longer works. These ways won’t hand you a direct idea, but they’ll give you […]

Fun for Friday: Photo Prompts for the Darkness!

| December 10, 2021

We’re approaching the solstice and the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, so here are some dark speculative-inspired images to use as prompts! The first image depicts a tree-lined suburban street lit by a single streetlight. A human figure stands opposite a bench that is illuminated by the streetlight, and a mecha […]

Fun for Friday: Winter Writing Prompts for Young and Old!

| December 3, 2021

As winter in the Northern Hemisphere gets into full swing, the days of writing inside a cozy house become even more appealing. And if you’re a writer with kids, you might wind up with them home for a snow day or during school holidays. So this list of winter writing prompts might be a fun […]

Fun for Friday: December 2021 Writing Prompts

| November 26, 2021

December, and the end of the year, are creeping up on us! So it’s time for the December 2021 writing prompts. This month, I’ve got some wintery words, and I’ve also added a bunch of unusual words. Many of these are going to require looking them up to find out what they mean, though some […]

Fun for Friday: Writing Exercises for Writer’s Block

| November 19, 2021

It is a truth universally accepted that a writer in possession of an idea is going to eventually be in need of something to break through their writer’s block. Regardless of the cause of the block, sometimes you can trick your brain into letting the words come out again. These exercises are designed with that […]

Fun for Friday: Three Images for Autumn

| November 12, 2021

Time for another round of image prompts! The first image portrays a person dressed in black with exposed legs, who appears to be taking a selfie with a smart phone. The background is slender trees with yellow leaves and a bit of fog, while the grass below is green. The second image is of a […]