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December 2021 Publications

| January 6, 2022

I had two very short pieces out in December 2021. You can find “First Rights” in the December issue of Utopia Science Fiction. This is a flash fiction piece involving space salvage and a reunion between former lovers. The other story is “Seeds of Knowledge,” which appeared at Theme of Absence. This one is a […]

My 2022 Goals!

| January 5, 2022

2021 continued in the trend of challenging years, and while I can hope that 2022 will turn things around, I think I’ve gotten into the habit of expecting each year to be a challenge, so that I can be pleasantly surprised if it’s not. I haven’t had a lot of of luck with getting novels […]

My November 2021 Publications

| December 9, 2021

I only had a couple of new stories out in November, far fewer than the abundance of October! My flash fiction piece, “There Is No ‘I’ in Heavenly Host,” came out in Friends Journal at the beginning of the month. This was for their special speculative fiction issue, and I got the idea for it […]

New Publications in October 2021

| November 4, 2021

October was a BUSY month for new publications for me, with stories out throughout the entire month, plus one poem! “Just Smile,” a flash piece, was my first publication of the month at The Dread Machine. It’s a yokai story, this one about the hari onago. If you’ve heard of this yokai before, you’ll understand […]

99 Tiny Terrors Anthology Kickstarter!

| October 21, 2021

I’m super excited for the 99 Tiny Terrors anthology, because it includes a tiny terror by Yours Truly! My story “Vantablack” will appear alongside 98 equally bite-sized bits of horror. (Yeah, you read that right, I wrote a horror story!) There’s currently a Kickstarter that runs through the end of the month. If you back and […]

New Stories out in August 2021

| September 7, 2021

I had three new stories out in August this year! The first is “Gratitude,” in Silver Blade. This is my tribute to “Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should” from Jurassic Park. In this case? Velociraptor street cleaners trying to learn about emotions. It’s […]

Story and Poem Out Recently!

| August 5, 2021

I’ve had a story and a poem out within the past month! “Terpsichore” was reprinted in Horror for the Throne, which is a collection of very short horror and dark reads. My story involves a dance instructor, a candlelit dance studio, and a “muse” who might not be what she seems. My poem, “The Message,” […]

My Sci-Fi Publications

| July 27, 2021

Although I’ve published a lot of books, there’s only one sci-fi book in the mix, and it’s the most recent one! New Moons Under Which to Sleep is a collection containing previously published sci-fi short stories, flash fiction pieces, and a couple of poems, joined by a couple of poems that were new to the collection. […]

New Moons Under Which to Sleep Out Today!

| July 20, 2021

Today’s the day! My first ever book of science fiction stories, New Moons Under Which to Sleep, is out! This collection is an interesting one, as I don’t typically consider myself a sci-fi author. However, every story in this collection has been previously published! So I guess maybe I’ve written a few sci-fi stories after all! […]

New Stories and Poetry Out Recently!

| July 8, 2021

I’ve had two stories and one poem published recently, all of which are available online! The first is “Wishes without a Birthday Cake,” in Land Beyond the World. This story came out of a writing sprint class that I took with K. Tempest Bradford (which I talked about here). The story underwent some revisions to […]