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National Superhero Day Book Raffle!

| May 4, 2022

Want the chance to win 18 uncanny superhero novels, which includes my novella Sure Shot in Las Capas: The Case of the Absent Star? This National Superhero Day, Superhero-Fiction.com is giving one lucky winner the chance to win physical copies from 18 superhero authors. From action to romance and everything in between, this is a […]

Have You Checked Out Avatar of Freya Yet?

| April 14, 2022

Have you checked out Avatar of Freya yet? It’s a collection of four fun Cobalt City Universe stories featuring Friday Jones and friends! It’s an honor to be chosen as the avatar of a god, raised to the ranks of superheroes in Cobalt City by their patronage. But for Friday Jones, a fun-loving biochemistry major […]

Avatar of Freya Out Today!

| March 15, 2022

Today’s the day! Avatar of Freya is now live! If you pre-ordered it (THANK YOU!), you should already have it on your device. If not, you can grab a copy for yourself here! It’s an honor to be chosen as the avatar of a god, raised to the ranks of superheroes in Cobalt City by their […]

Avatar of Freya Available for Pre-Order!

| February 15, 2022

My latest collection, Avatar of Freya, is available for pre-order! This is a quick read including four superhero stories, two of which are quite short, and two of which are much longer than what I normally write. All of the stories feature Friday Jones, the titular avatar of Freya, along with some of her assorted […]

Avatar of Freya Cover Reveal!

| January 18, 2022

I’m putting together the first of my 2022 short story collections, which means it’s time for a cover reveal! Avatar of Freya will collect four stories about Friday Jones, aka Dulcamara, a Cobalt City hero who is an avatar of the Norse goddess Freya. She’s got some awesome plant-related powers and a variety of other young […]

September 2021 Story and Poetry Releases

| October 7, 2021

I had two new pieces come out in September. First, my poem “The Turn of the Seasons” was published in Sylvia Magazine. This poem is a double acrostic poem–it’s easy to notice the letters spelling out summer and winter at the beginning of the lines, but the last letter of each line also spells out autumn […]

Cobalt City Dragonstorm Out Today!

| September 28, 2021

DefCon One Publishing has a new anthology out today, the first in five years from the authors of Cobalt City. Cobalt City Dragonstorm is a collection of five short stories featuring superheroes (and supervillains) fighting dragons from other dimensions. My story in this collection is “Dead Souls,” featuring the team-up of Dulcamara, Terra Firma, and […]

My Superhero Books

| September 14, 2021

There are two genres at the top of my list for how many books I’ve published in them. One of those two is superhero books! While most of my superhero books are collections of short stories, that just gives you a lot more heroes to enjoy! Heroes of Necessity is my collection of unlikely hero […]

The Cobalt City Roots of Sparx and Arrows

| March 25, 2021

Of the five stories in Sparx and Arrows, only three of them take part entirely in Cobalt City, the home to many superheroes, and where each of the heroes in this collection got their start. “Big in Japan,” as the name might suggest, is one of the two stories not entirely within Cobalt City. This story […]

Coast to Coast Stars: A Pale Imitation

| November 12, 2020

“A Pale Imitation” is a story about the daughters of a hero in “Happily Never After,” but it was also my response to a list of prompts related to superheroes who were twins and they ways they could use that to their advantage. By giving a pair of sisters the same powers, they could easily […]