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Fun for Friday: A Twist on Santa’s List

| December 4, 2020

It’s the time of the year when kids are thinking about the holiday gifts they’d like to receive from Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, or any of the other names their holiday gift giver might go by (including members of their family). For a fun twist on Santa’s list, here are a handful of […]

“Nochnaya Serenada” and “The Gift” Out Now!

| December 24, 2019

I’ve got a reprinted story, “Nochnaya Serenada,” out in the latest issue of┬áCuriosities. This issue is a collection of World War II-era stories, so my Night Witches stories fit right in. You can read more about what I had to say about this story here. I’ve also got a Christmas-themed story out at┬áThe Bronzeville Bee, […]

Merry Christmas, Friends!

| December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas! While we don’t celebrate Christmas in an entirely traditional way, we still have our own traditions. We drink hot cocoa and eat cookies on Christmas Eve while we read some books, and we see a movie on Christmas Day, possibly with Thai food (since I can’t eat most Chinese food). Regardless of how […]