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My Books for Children!

| October 28, 2021

I write quite a bit of stuff for younger readers, but much of that is short stories that are scattered here, there, and everywhere, including throughout my collections. But I also have two books that are explicitly for younger readers. The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby is a middle grade book featuring girl detectives Chrysanthemum […]

Site Recommendation: 101 LGBTQ Picture Books!

| September 8, 2021

If you’re looking for a good book recommendation for a kid that’s more in the age range for picture books than books they read on their own, check out 101 LGBTQ Picture Books! Created by a college student who decided to read all of the LGBTQ picture books she could find, rather than trying to […]

Family, Teamwork, and Responsibility in a Kid-Friendly Book!

| January 14, 2021

Spiders of the Shifting Swamp is my children’s book about family, teamwork, and responsibility. Even though the characters are mostly spiders (and some lizards), they have a lot to teach about working together and taking care of each other. It’s a great book for young kids to have read to them, and for early readers […]

My 2020 Book Publications

| December 10, 2020

This year, I got back on my string of book releases, with five new books out this year. Three of them were collections, one was a children’s book, and one was a novella. This is a tie with 2017 for number of new books out, so I’m pretty pleased! In June, I releasedĀ Coast to Coast […]

Spiders of the Shifting Swamp!

| October 6, 2020

Today is the official release date forĀ Spiders of the Shifting Swamp, though it’s been out in the wild for a couple of weeks now! I talked a bit about the background here. I’m excited that I’ve got a children’s book out in the world, even if most of my niblings are a little too old […]

Out Now: Spiders of the Shifting Swamp

| September 22, 2020

And now for something completely different, I’ve written and illustrated my first ever children’s book! Spiders of the Shifting Swamp started as a short story loosely based on a world that Jeremy had created, or at least tucked into the corner of a world he had created. The story was VERY short, and one market […]

Coming Soon: Spiders of the Shifting Swamp

| August 27, 2020

One of my big projects this summer has been working on my first children’s book. It started out as a very short flash fiction story, but someone suggested it might work better as a children’s book, so I thought I’d try going in that direction. The tricky part about a children’s book, however, is that […]