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Review of Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas by Emily C. Skaftun

| September 23, 2020

Emily C. Skaftun’s Living Forever & Other Terrible Ideas (Fairwood Press, 2020) is a collection of 18 of her short stories, which range from hilarious to heartbreaking. It’s a lovely mix of previously published and brand new stories, all dazzling in their prose. One trend that her modern fantasy stories, and some of the sci-fi stories, […]

What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening To, September 2020 edition

| September 16, 2020

Reading: I’m finally caught up on reading for reviews, which means I get to read Harrow the Ninth. All of my friends have been reading it and getting through it and making references I don’t understand, so I’m chugging through! Watching: We blew through the first half of Lucifer season 5, and we’ve wrapped up what […]

Awesome Find: World Roulette

| September 9, 2020

I LOVE things that allow for random idea generation, so I’m super excited about World Roulette. It’s part art book and part advice on world building. But there’s also a deck of world building cards with instructions on how to make infinite combinations with those cards. And one can never have too many sets of […]

Review of Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen by Jim C. Hines

| September 2, 2020

Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen by Jim C. Hines is an exciting middle-grade urban fantasy book with plenty of mythical creatures and adventure for the young protagonist and her friends! Tamora Carter’s best friend Andre is missing, and she’s hopeful that he’ll be found. Until he is, she’s still got roller derby(*) practice and taking care […]

What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening To, Late August 2020 Edition

| August 26, 2020

Reading: I’m currently working through books to review, but I’m chomping at the bit to get into Harrow the Ninth. My husband finished reading it in two days, and several of our friends are part of the way through. So I’m diligently reading the books I agreed to review so I can clear my plate […]

A Couple of Cool Kickstarters

| August 12, 2020

There are a couple of Kickstarters for anthologies that I think will be super cool. If you agree, you can still back both or either of these Kickstarters, which are close to their goals but not quite there, as of this writing. Even though I’m not a parent, I completely love the idea of Don’t Touch […]

Reading, Watching, and Listening To, Early August 2020 Edition

| August 5, 2020

Reading: I’ve still got more comics to read, and a small lull in between books I’m scheduled to review, so now I have to decide which series to tackle first, because most of my remaining pile is the sort of series that need to be read all in one go! Watching: Mostly The Chilling Adventures […]

Review of High Noon on Phobos by Jude K. Justice

| July 29, 2020

High Noon on Phobos, the debut novella from space western author Jude K. Justice, is a rollicking adventure of twists and turns that will appeal to fans of the western genre and fans of science fiction. Blaise McGregor (who went by Blaze McGregor as a gunfighter) is a retired gunfighter, waiting for his ship to […]

Review of Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

| July 22, 2020

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (Macmillan 2019) has garnered a lot of attention, receiving nominations for the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Awards. As of this writing, it has won the Locus Award and is in the running for the Hugo Award. The praise is well deserved, as this novel of space lesbian necromancers is […]

Reading, Watching, and Listening To, Mid-July 2020 Edition

| July 15, 2020

Reading: A few more comics, but also Gideon the Ninth, which is delightful. Many of my friends have already read it, so as I get through bits, I can talk about those with them. Watching: Juggling Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, though we also took a break to watch Hamilton at the beginning of the month. Listening […]