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Fun for Friday: Merfolk Inspired Images

Image by peter_pyw from Pixabay

Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

For this week’s Fun for Friday, it’s image prompts, all on a merfolk-related theme without being just about merfolk!

The first image is a forest scene with a lightbulb-shaped vessel holding water and a very small merfolk, along with a ladybug perched atop the bulb and an ant to the left.

The second image is a fox on a dark background illuminated by the light from a glowing jellyfish-like creature.

The third image is two flamingos standing in what looks like ocean water that is high enough that their feathers are just barely out of the water. One of the flamingos has their head in the water, while the other does not. There’s a large turtle to their left and a merfolk surrounded by birds in flight to their right and in the background.

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