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Magic Awakens StoryBundle Ends Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the final day for the SFWA “Magic Awakens” StoryBundle! For a minimum payment of $5, you’ll get four books, including Promise Me Nothing. If you pay $20 or more, you unlock ten bonus books, for a total of fourteen books! That’s a pretty nice deal!

Promise Me Nothing is a young adult contemporary fantasy book, fun for teens and adults! Here’s what it’s all about!

Supernatural Reform School or Horrifying Death Trap?

Dedwydd Academy is meant to be a third chance for Briar Williams, exiled from the fae realm of Idyll for her part in a rebellion against the aristocracy and removed from human society for a night of mayhem in the small town of Artis. Upon arrival, she begins to make friends, but she also finds a dangerous enemy in the volatile Jaylin. Now she must navigate a new level of high school politics, one with deadly consequences. And what will her new friends think when they learn about what she’s done?

Don’t forget to check out the SFWA “Magic Awakens” StoryBundle before it ends!

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