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Dakota Travis: Saurallero Extraordinaire in New Moons Under Which to Sleep

“Dakota Travis: Saurallero Extraordinaire” started with a title prompt, which was originally “Call Me a Sissy, But I’m Going to Ride this Dinosaur Side-Saddle.” The original title was perfectly evocative, inspiring me to write the obituary for a man who had died (of old age, mind you), but was known for this delightful utterance (which found its way into the story in that way). I ultimately changed the title to make it less redundant, though the original title still delights me.

“Dakota Travis, Saurallero Extraordinaire” was published in Intrinsick and podcast at Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast before being reprinted in New Moons Under Which to Sleep. Despite being an obituary, it’s a somewhat funny little piece of flash fiction!

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