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Steampunk Reads

If you enjoy reading steampunk, I’ve got four books out now, and a fifth one coming soon!

First off, I have the Brass and Glass trilogy: Brass and Glass: The Cask of Cranglimmering is the first in the series, followed by Brass and Glass 2: The Long-Cursed Map and Brass and Glass 3: The Boiling Sea. These books have airship pirates, an overbearing government, legendary whiskey, automatons, mad scientists, and floating cities, among other things. If you like books with ensemble casts and found family, this series is perfect for both of those things!

If you’re looking for steampunk for younger readers, The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby is a middle grade steampunk detective book, featuring girl detectives Chrysanthemum and Marigold Marsh, who live in a mechanical garden with their parents, brother, and inventor grandfather.

Coming in May will be C. and M. Marsh, Girl Detectives, which is a collection of three Marsh sisters short stories. It’s not quite ready for pre-orders yet, but it will be very soon!

All of my steampunk books are available in ebook and print formats! C. and M. Marsh will also be available in both formats!

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