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“Senchado in Microgravity” in New Moons Under Which to Sleep

“Senchado in Microgravity” began as a flash fiction piece based on a prompt of a very specific tea set. The image was super evocative, and MANY of the people who saw that prompt wrote stories about the “fishy tea set.” (The set had a goldfish theme, including as small sculpted goldfish at the bottoms of the cups.) For me, it became a story about siblings grieving the loss of their mother and finding a way to remember her in a special way.

While this is the sort of story that could take place just about anywhere, it’s set on a generation ship, which ends up being relevant to some of the specifics of their impromptu memorial service. It also meant I had to get a bit of help with some of the technical bits, as my understanding of “microgravity” was slightly off in the first draft of the story.

You can find “Senchado in Microgravity” inĀ Utopia Science Fiction (online) and my collection, New Moons Under Which to Sleep (ebook or print).

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