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Unfixed Timelines 2 Complete on Channillo

Have you checked out Unfixed Timelines 2 on Channillo? At this point, the entire book has been posted! You just need a Channillo subscription to read my stories and essays, and you can read other books there as well!

A Russian pilot using a bit of magic and music to rescue her compatriot. The family impacts of a crossroads deal unfulfilled. Ethnographic observations and misinterpretations. A magical organization devoted to stopping demons. A Victorian-era prostitute takes on Jack the Ripper. Children mailed to a strange fairy tale land. And an unusual pairing of European nobility that spans the centuries. In this second volume of truths stranger than fiction, you’ll find six stories and a poem in which history and fiction are blended together. Each piece is accompanied by a brief essay detailing the history that the story or poem twists.

If you’d prefer to have the ebook version of Unfixed Timelines 2, you can find that here!

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