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Fun for Friday: Monthly Art Challenges for Writing Prompts

Day planner pagesIf you’re looking for more writing prompts, Brush Warriors has compiled this list of monthly art challenges. They often revolve around a theme, like MerMay or Drawlloween, which are two of my personal favorites. But there are lists for every month of the year, and some months give you several choices. For example, March is Magical March, March of Robots, Monster March, and Frog March.

Not all of the themes included on this page are linked to a list of prompts, and several of them are linked to prompts from a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean you can’t poke around and find something that will work for a monthly writing prompt list. You don’t even have to stick with the month that they’re originally designed for, as long as you pick a different month that has the same number of days as or more days than the month you want to write!

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