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February 2022 Recap

Look at this cat’s arms! These are the shenanigans I have to put up with!

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 129
Acceptances received: 2
Rejections received: 67 (+1)
Stories withdrawn: 2
Resubmissions: 60
New Submissions: 3
Stories out at the end of the month: 119

February is a short month, but it feels like this February flew by. There weren’t a ton of rejections, so not a lot of resubmissions, either. The two acceptances for the month were “Promises Made” at Glittery Literary and “The Fall of Ocrone” being adapted to audio for Superfast Stories.

In February, I finished up refugees and got that sent out. I also wrote two microfiction stories for contents, one more than I’d planned. I finished the first drafts of scare and fog, as well as the two flash fiction stories. I’ve now got my next collection ready to roll, and my first newsletter went out in mid-February. So that’s success on all of my to-dos for the month!

In March, I need to:

  • Write the first draft of a new story (“meat”)
  • Work on the first draft of an old story (“laboratory,” from Drawlloween 2018)
  • Revise scare and five flash fiction pieces
  • Start revising fog
  • Write a new flash fiction piece and a new microfiction piece (or possibly two microfiction pieces)
  • Write two book reviews
  • Release Avatar of Freya
  • Finish prep for Doorways in the Gloom
  • Newsletter

The list is growing, but this all seems doable!

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