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TV Recommendation: Peacemaker

We’ve been watching Peacemaker on HBO Max, which originally was a show we weren’t so sure about. John Cena’s Peacemaker character in The Suicide Squad was kind of a jerk. But we like John Cena as a human being (he seems smart, articulate, and kind, despite some of his in-ring antics and roles he’s played), so we decided to give it a shot.

It’s been nearly non-stop laughs, accompanied by a lot of WTF and occasional OMG. There are a lot of places where this show COULD go VERY wrong. But it hasn’t. Characters call out all of the ways in which the main character and a number of the side characters are seriously messed up, and it seems like Peacemaker is growing as a person throughout the show, as he unlearns some of his toxic upbringing and accumulated beliefs.

Not going to lie, this show is violent and gratuitous in places. There are things that explode in a gory fashion, a surprising amount of nudity (but I guess it’s HBO), and a whole lot of morally ambiguous characters. But James Gunn pulls it all together and makes it fun and touching. And in the process, Peacemaker goes from a jerk in The Suicide Squad to a human being you might care about in Peacemaker.


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