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“At What Cost?” in New Moons Under Which to Sleep

My story “At What Cost?” has a long history. The idea stemmed from an unusual place I used to work, which was an archival facility in what was once a mine. We referred to it as “The Cave,” because driving in, you went through what looked like the very large mouth of a cave. It was a surreal place where you didn’t see the sun unless you left for lunch, and where the weather could change dramatically and you wouldn’t have a clue until you were about to exit.

That served as the location where the protagonist worked and lived, and originally, I set the story on Jupiter. Which would mean the arcology was … underground on Jupiter. Thankfully, Jeremy corrected me on that mistake quickly, and I moved it to a moon instead. But we still joke about “underground on Jupiter” as a thing that I wrote about because I didn’t think about it!

The end result became a story about long lives and families and memories. You can find “At What Cost?” inĀ New Moons Under Which to Sleep.

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