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January 2022 Publications

Already this year, I’ve had five things published–four stories and a poem!

“Good to the Last Drop” is a microfiction piece that appeared in the January issue of The Antihumanist. It’s a darkly humorous story about coffee and space travel.

My poem, “Slime, or Primordial Ooze?” was published in the January issue of Star*Line. This one was inspired by the slime craze among kids a few years back, though it took a little while to find the right home!

My fantasy humor story, “Goblin Economics,” was published in the January issue of Breath and Shadow. This one posits a forward-thinking goblin making arrangements for the well-being of his people, who unfortunately live in a dungeon that adventurers like to raid.

“The Toad Catcher’s Wife,” a sweet fairy tale style story, appeared in the January issue of Orca: A Literary Magazine. Drawing a bit from other fairy tales, this one spins off in its own direction, too, and ends with an unusual sort of happily ever after.

Finally, “Turning the Tide” is a microfiction sci-fi story about clones in war that appeared at Daily Science Fiction! It’s the first time I’ve been published at Daily Science Fiction, so I’m super excited about this publication!

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