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New Publications in October 2021

October was a BUSY month for new publications for me, with stories out throughout the entire month, plus one poem!

Just Smile,” a flash piece, was my first publication of the month at The Dread Machine. It’s a yokai story, this one about the hari onago. If you’ve heard of this yokai before, you’ll understand the title of the story before you read it. If you haven’t, this one is a little dark, but it’s worth it.

My short story “Fashion Statement” appeared in The Lorelei Signal. This story might oddly be considered to be a companion piece to “Just Smile,” though it does not share that story’s darkness. Nope, it’s just about a princess trying to find the right dress to say just the right thing to a potential suitor. And her seamstresses do not disappoint.

“Raindrops in Indra‚Äôs Net” is a short story I’ve been shopping around for a bit, but it finally found a home in The Colored Lens. This is a post-apocalyptic story, but it’s got a solarpunk theme to it, which means it’s ultimately a story of hope!

“When Science and the Gods Fail” is another post-apocalyptic story, but with a slightly darker, less hopeful tone, which appears in the latest issue of New Maps. This is a tiny piece, just like my previous publication there.

My one poem out this month is “Old Bones,” in The Common Tongue. This will mark my second poem published here, and it’s all about raising an army of the undead to fight the patriarchy.

Finally, my flash fiction piece “Vantablack” is in 99 Tiny Terrors. The Kickstarter ended on Halloween, and the ebook copies of the anthology were distributed to backers when it ended, so it’s out there for supporters to read! (No link for this yet, but check my Publications page for one as soon as I’ve got it!)

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