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Fun for Friday: Haunted Images

It wouldn’t be October without some spooky image prompts, now would it?

The first image is of a person wearing a hooded coat and carrying a backpack standing on a tree-lined road that leads to a large, old house, with a full moon overhead. It’s a nighttime scene in blueish shades.

The second image is of a short set of stairs leading to a set of double doors. The stairs have stone railings along either side, and the doors are curved at the top. The doors also have glass panes, and behind the doors and also one of the windows are three sets of glowing red eyes.

The third image is of a room with a bed made up with bloodstained sheets, possibly a hospital bed. A slightly translucent figure hovers above the bed with back arched and arms and long hair hanging down. The wall at the head of the bed has the word “HELP” written it what appears to be blood. There is a curtain covering part of the background, while the rest is dark. On a table in the foreground sits a skull with glowing eyes, possibly a candle, and some paper.

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