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“Hashtag TPE” in Intercity Illusions

My story “Hashtag TPE” was written for a Miskatonic University anthology, where it found its first home. But it was also a perfect addition to Intercity Illusions, as it’s right on the edge between Mythos and urban fantasy.

I wanted to write a very modern take on Miskatonic University, with the characters embracing present-day culture (like the hashtag of the title). I wound up writing a story about a student tour guide who was trying to get prospective students to enroll but hadn’t had much luck previously. And while there are other things than campus tours that lead students to enroll and stick with a college, having this characters and these set of circumstances appealed to me as a goal that could be explored within the constraints of a short story.

“Hashtag TPE” is just one of the cute, slightly humorous stories you’ll find in Intercity Illusions, which is available in ebook and paperback formats!

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