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Fun for Friday: October 2021 Writing Prompts

If I had a yard, I’d be this sort of person.

This year, I’m going all in for Halloween-themed prompts for the month of October. These are compiled from other creators; specifically, column 1 is Mab’s Drawlloween Club, column 2 is Creeptober from Kick in the Creatives, and column 3 is from Drawlloween.com. The format of these is slightly different from my normal single word format, in that some of Mab’s prompts are multiple words, and almost all of Drawlloween.com’s prompts are plays on movie titles or other pop culture references.

Because I’m using three Halloween-themed lists, there is some duplication of words and overlap between topics. But I’m hopeful that when you pair those duplicates with the other words for their day, they’ll inspire something different. Alternately, you could find the places where the lists overlap and plan to work on a specific project related to the overlapping word on two days in the month. For example, “haunted” falls on the 2nd and the 14th, so maybe you start something on the 2nd and then work more on it on the 14th!

Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day of a new month, when that falls on a Friday) for my History That Never Was writing prompts!

Day Word 1 Word 2 Word 3
1 Monster Self Portrait Black cat Witch Watch
2 Haunted Buried Edgar Allan Bro
3 Witch Mask DED Talks
4 Night Circus Fog The Reality Glitch
5 Cryptid Darkness His and Hearse
6 Salamander Potion Mummy Makes a Milkshake
7 Werewolf Shadow The Phantom Food Truck
8 Anthropomorphic Churchyard Crypt Currency
9 Classic Horror Hidden Cicada Boi
10 Winged Midnight Sister Axe
11 Labyrinth Broomstick Apoca-Lips
12 Poisonous Candle I Heart UFO
13 Lagoon Lost Creature Cruise
14 Yokai Haunted Ghoulish Mortals
15 Fairy Tale Moonlight Bigfoot Forgot the WiFi Password
16 Mythological Trick Vampire Boardwalk
17 Vampire Treat Dead Heat
18 Spell Candy Poltergeist Heist
19 Pumpkin Nightmare Someone Left a Skull in My Car
20 Giant Monsters Fright Paranormal Parachute
21 Omen Ghostly ScareBNB
22 Wicked Weeds Soul Graveyard Graffiti
23 Frankenstein Escape Owl Be Back
24 Insectoid Hocus-pocus ScareDevil
25 Dark Sea Suspense Night in the Mausoleum
26 Fang Zombie Scary Go Round
27 Crypt Eternity Tween Wolf
28 Serpentine Web The Spider’s Website
29 UFO Costume Bridal Shower of Frankenstein
30 Costume Mythical Monster Kart Rally
31 Monster Mash-Up Spirit Trick or Treat

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