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Cobalt City Dragonstorm Out Today!

DefCon One Publishing has a new anthology out today, the first in five years from the authors of Cobalt City. Cobalt City Dragonstorm is a collection of five short stories featuring superheroes (and supervillains) fighting dragons from other dimensions.

My story in this collection is “Dead Souls,” featuring the team-up of Dulcamara, Terra Firma, and Exspiravit. They start out by investigating an odd guy at a goth bar that’s giving the staff a creepy vibe, and connect the dots that lead to a dragon hiding out in an abandoned building.

The characters in this story are three newer Cobalt City heroes. Dulcamara is my character from a Cobalt City University game. She’s an Avatar of the Norse goddess Freya, in her guise as a goddess of fertility. Plant fertility, Dulcamara will assure you. She’s got a lot of living to do before she thinks about any other sort of fertility. (Her name is Spanish for deadly nightshade, a nod to her Poison Ivy-like powers.)

Terra Firma was part of a shady experiment by a company that’s very good at covering their tracks. As a result, she has sometimes unstable shapeshifting powers, and a bit of a score to settle with the people who did this to her and others.

Finally, Exspiravit is me giving a character I’ve written before a superhero identity. She appears in my story, “Comeback Tour,” in Coast to Coast Stars as Cassidy Sweet/Gray Dawn’s roommate, Steph. After that story, she’s a hacker who runs ops for a variety of Cobalt City’s heroes, but often teams up with the younger heroes who need remote, non-powered backup. Her name, “Exspiravit,” is Latin for ghost, and I named her that in the vein of “ghost in the machine.”

The other stories in this anthology include fan favorite characters that regular readers will know and love, other new heroes making a name for themselves, and Cobalt City’s premier supervillain, Ruby Killingsworth.

You can get Cobalt City Dragonstorm in print or ebook formats!

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