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When Planning Goes Awry

Day planner pagesI am very much a planner. I have spreadsheets and planner books and to-do lists that keep me on track with my writing. And even though I make adjustments to them all the time, I’m NEVER without a plan.

However, I was supposed to undergo surgery on September 1st. In anticipation of that, I cleared my schedule for six weeks after the surgery, which is the estimated recovery time. I was planning to only get writing done if I felt like it, and then it would probably just be poetry and maybe something short. But I was going to take it easy and not worry about not writing.

But then my surgery was postponed. Indefinitely. The surgery is not for a life-threatening matter, but it’s a surgery that I’ve been waiting for a while for because of COVID. It looked like it could happen this fall. Now, who knows?

“Indefinitely” is one of the worst words for someone who plans her schedule so thoroughly. Because now I’m making plans that may or may not get disrupted at any minute. If I leave my calendar open, I’ll get absolutely nothing done, though, so I had to come up with a backup plan. It’s not my normal level of writing, but it’s at least something resembling a schedule, and that’s enough to quiet the parts of my mind that don’t like to be without a plan.

And at some point, my surgery will be scheduled, and then I’ll do another big rearranging of the schedule for my recovery time. And cross my fingers that the postponements and rescheduling won’t go on forever.


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