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Fun for Friday: A Few Random Things

This week’s Fun for Friday is a few random images that I’ve picked out, this week on a theme of black, white, and red.

The first image is a black and white photograph of a small building that seems to serve as a general store. There are two male-presenting people posing in front of the building. The ground around it is bare, and there is a tree beside the building and more behind it.

The second image is an abstract image with a black background, gray to white swirls, and red and orange sprays of color that look a bit like fire.

The third image is a photograph of a female-presenting person. She stands in front of a red curtain, wearing a black, satiny dress with thin straps and belted at the waist, and her left hand is raised in the air. Her mouth is open like she might be singing or yelling. She has brown hair that reaches beyond her shoulders and is wearing hoop earrings, a plain metal bracelet on her right arm, and a cuff on her left wrist.

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