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Board Games for Writers

If you’ve ever got a group of writers together, whether they’re trying to get writing done or not, odds are that you will eventually wind up NOT getting writing done. When that happens, why not get your writer friends to play some board games? This article lists 15 board games that can help writers write better, but they’re also a bunch of fun to play!

I’ve played several of the games on this list (Apples to Apples andĀ Cards Against Humanity, of course), but I really loveĀ Once Upon a Time, which my family played one holiday. We’re not all writers, but we’re all super creative, so we had a blast turning the story this way and that!

A couple of the games on this list are not actually board games, but they also don’t require you to have a copy of a game to play! They can be played with the books in your house and paper and pens, or just the paper and pens.

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