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“To Make Haste” in Intercity Illusions

“To Make Haste” is one of the older stories inĀ Intercity Illusions. It was inspired by a day at work when I was scanning pages from books, and my mind got to wandering. I thought how awesome it would be if the books could scan themselves, with a magic spell or something. But I also acknowledged that such a thing might be a little weird to see and comprehend. And that was pretty much all I needed to write that story.

These days, we have a much nicer scanner in the office for scanning books, but it’s not one we use frequently. I think people will still recognize the sort of scanning that’s going on in “To Make Haste.” And if you’ve ever had a library job or other job involving a lot of copying or scanning, you’ll empathize with the protagonist, and maybe wish you had a little spell to help your work go faster too!


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