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Intercity Illusions Cover Reveal!

I’ve got another collection coming out on June 15, Intercity Illusions! This is a collection of primarily short stories, with a small amount of poetry mixed in. All of the stories are loosely defined as urban fantasy. Each one is set roughly in present day, with most of the world functioning the way our world works. It’s just got a little bit of extra tossed in for fun.

The stories for this collection are mostly reprints, with a handful of new stories, which include a couple of magical school stories and some other assorted bits of fiction. It’s not 100 percent a book for all ages (there may be some swearing here and there), but in general, it’s a teen-friendly sort of book. There are one or two stories that might be a little on the spooky side, but things work out for my protagonists even in those stories.

Intercity Illusions will be published in print and ebook, and you can pre-order the ebook now! The print version will be available by June 15th!

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