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“All That Transpires under the Night Sky” in Unfixed Timelines 2

The backstory behind “All That Transpires under the Night Sky” is an odd one. I had started the story several years before I finished it. For whatever reason, it wasn’t working, and I shoved it into a folder of things to work on some other time. This proved effective when I was later looking for something to work on that I’d already started. But I dug into the story and my notes, and there were words in the notes that I could not figure out what I had meant by them.

Around the same time, I was invited to submit a story to an anthology about deals with otherworldly entities. The pieces all fell together, and “All That Transpires under the Night Sky” finally had a direction and a goal. After that, it was easy to plan out the ending (even if it wasn’t my original plan), spruce up the beginning to fit with how the story now concluded, and send it off.

“All That Transpires under the Night Sky” appeared in Bargains in 2019, and I reprinted it in Unfixed Timelines 2, along with an essay about mystical fraternal organizations, in 2020.

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