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Fun for Friday: May 2021 Prompts

May is Mermay in the art community, and I like to turn a lot of art prompts into writing prompts. So the first column of this month’s prompts are from the Mermay 2021 list. And while these words are geared toward inspiring artists to draw mermaids, you may come up with different ideas for your stories, poems, or other writing in the month of May! There are also a few words on the list that may not work as well for writing prompts, but you can either reinterpret or skip those words. (Last year, on the Star Wars themed day, I wrote a poem about mermaids in space, so the possibilities are endless!)

The second and third columns are all random words, since I often find those to provide more evocative ideas than exclusively themed words might! You can also reinterpret those words, or just use them in your story rather than having them inspire your story. And it’s always possible to use a different form of a word–rather than “wasteful,” you could use just “waste,” or even flip it to an opposite of “thrifty.”

Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day of a new month, when that falls on a Friday) for my History That Never Was writing prompts!

Day Word 1 Word 2 Word 3
1 Angelic Pattern Wasteful
2 Eager Weed Cooperative
3 Sweet Disaster Terrific
4 Star Wars Banquet Thin
5 Lunchbreak Prejudice Basket
6 Sunday Pavement Express
7 Provocative Suite Understood
8 Mermaidize a Friend Deserve Parsimonious
9 Superhero Core Offbeat
10 Safe Criminal Yell
11 Frustrated Trance Pout
12 Dragon Silk Flee
13 Wildlife Tissue Future
14 Beached Vote Board
15 Lassoed Knife Earthy
16 Stagnate Light Huge
17 Romance Conductor Quick
18 Original Conclusion Tasty
19 New Orbit Church
20 Groove Colorful Endanger
21 Patriotic Behavior Obiesant
22 Donut Scenario Pot
23 Artistic Linger Wide-eyed
24 Holistic Ceiling Brawny
25 Condemned Loot Callous
26 Saved Conservative Come
27 Insane Direct Start
28 Obsessed Truck Obsequious
29 Coral Policy Lick
30 Competitive Read Omniscient
31 Celebrity Voice High

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