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Fun for Friday: Unreal Images

This week, we’ve got some slightly surreal images involving roads for writing inspiration.

The first image is a photograph taken through a pair of glasses. Where the glasses are present, the photo has some color, with blue sky and green grass on either side of a fairly worn roadway. Outside of the glasses, the sky and road are gray and out of focus.

The second image is a person wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, glowing green goggles, jeans, and sneakers. Their face is completely obscured. They are seated on a stretch of pavement, with light trails swirling around them and a darkened sky and lit up cityscape in the background.

The third image is a person with their back to the camera with long blond hair, a red jacket, and black pants, walking down a possibly graveled road into a very bright blue and purple forested area. The lower two-thirds of the image are not in full focus, and the lower portions of the forested area, in particular, are blurry.

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