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“Fortissimo Possibile” in Heroes of Necessity

Cover art for Heroes of Necessity“Fortissimo Possibile” was one of the two stories in Heroes of Necessity that was written to a specific prompt. In this case, the prompt was for stories that involved low-powered superheroes–the sort that some might consider to be heroes with “useless” powers.

But no powers are “useless,” when it comes down to it. Leila’s power to amplify and diminish sound might not sound like much, but with the right applications, it can come in quite useful. And as she discovers a related bit of power she didn’t realize she had, her powers become even more effective.

“Fortissimo Possibile” also helped coalesce the theme of Heroes of Necessity around female heroes who might have been overlooked due the the small scope or limited applicability of their powers. It’s s a theme that I find myself drawn to when writing superhero stories, especially in having the characters realize how powerful and useful they really can be!

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