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New Stories and Poetry Out Recently

I’ve got three new stories and a new poem out recently.

First off, “Blind Tasting” appeared at Every Day Fiction in late March. This is a flash fiction story with very minimal speculative elements, which was inspired by a duet between two of the members of Pentagon, mixed with the idea of an unusual wine.

My poem “The Fall of the Undying Sailor” appeared in inaugural issue of The Common Tongue, which came out at the end of March. I wrote this one based on the title, which conjured up ideas of a Davy Jones-like sailor, without some of the camp that Disney gave that character.

Corporate Career Counselling Construct” was podcast at The Centropic Oracle at the beginning of April. This was one of my sporadic attempts to write something based on a tarot card spread, and this may be one of the more successful pieces, with the tarot spread reimagined as a computer program with possibly sinister intent. This piece is also flash fiction, so it’s quite short.

Finally, my short story, “Fiddle in the Middle,” was published in issue 16 of MYTHIC Mag in early April. This one was inspired by traveling on the bus in Seattle some time ago. I’m glad to have found it a good home at MYTHIC! This is a short story, so slightly longer than the other things on my list this month.

I also have a reprint story out: “Vodyanoi” has been reprinted in The Chorochronos Archives, an anthology of stories involving time travel. This is one of the first stories I wrote, and it’s been published and reprinted a few times, so you may have caught it elsewhere. But if you’ve missed it, and you enjoy time travel stories, The Chorochronos Archives is full of them!

If any of these sound like fun, check them out and let me know what you thought!

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