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Fun for Friday: Photos of the Distance

This week’s three images are all taken from an interesting perspective that’s more about what’s in the distance. With each of these questions, you can ask what’s in the distance, what the perspective is moving toward, or whether that perspective is just looking back at what it’s left.

The first image is a pair of bridges set at roughly right angles to each other, with one in the foreground and the other one to the right in the background. The surfaces are paved, and they are lined with rust-colored metal railings. Both bridges have semi-circular metal defining the bridge shape. The water below the bridge is still, and there are deciduous trees alongside the bridges.

The second image is a long wooden pier sticking out into the water. A small group of half a dozen waterfowl sit to the pier’s left. In the far distance, the city of Seattle is hazy and partially enshrouded with clouds. A very large container ship sits between the pier and the city, obscuring some of the details of the city.

The third image is taken from onboard a ship toward a brilliantly colored sunset, primarily in shades of purple and orange, with a few small clouds. The water around the boat is lightly choppy, and the boat appears to be headed toward the sunset.

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