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Barren Out Today!

Today is the release day for Barren, my climate change apocalypse novella. It depicts a world in which the ocean levels rose dramatically, flooding what was once beachfront and a number of inland areas on large bodies of water as well. And while the sea level rise was particularly dramatic to lead to the apocalypse here, scientists have warned that if the polar ice caps melt, we will see some sea level rise worldwide. This story looks at the impact of such, while also featuring an older female protagonist, LGBTQ+ characters, and found family thriving in spite of the odds.

The oceans rose, plant life withered, and humans could no longer reproduce. Now, years later, Lemy has found evidence of a place impacted only by the ocean rise. But the politics are even more treacherous than they were at home. With only a child to trust, she must navigate this new landscape to keep herself and Sky alive.

You can get Barren in ebook format only at present. We’ll see how it sells and if it needs a print edition too!

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