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Trying Unusual Habits to Get the Words Flowing

Writer at work on a typewriterWhen you’re having trouble writing, do you have weird habits that are sure to get the words flowing? If you haven’t come up with any, check out this list of 9 Weird Habits that Famous Writers Formed. Some of them are a little bit out there, but maybe even those will give you an alternative idea to try.

For me, if I need to write on a given day and am not feeling it, I try to re-read some of what I’m working on (assuming that it’s started). Doing that sometimes kicks my editor brain into gear, and I start making minor tweaks to what’s already written, but oftentimes that’s enough to also get me in the write mindset for new words as well. If it’s something I haven’t started yet, I can read through whatever notes I’ve got, or if it’s something without even notes, I can start working on those instead. Even if I only get a small amount of progress, it’s more than if I hadn’t written anything.

I also tend to have a lot of projects going on at any given time, so if I can’t find the right mindset for one project, I can sometimes find it for another project instead. Or, as a last resort, I can always start something new. I really don’t recommend the last of these, though, because this is likely what leads to having too many projects I’m working on at the same time!


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