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Creepy Stories that Stick with You

Cover art for Volatile FigmentsOne of the things about horror that I find most effective is the story that sticks with you after you’ve finished reading it, the sort that continues to haunt you even days later.

The stories inĀ Volatile Figments may not be traditional horror, but I hope that some of them have that element of sticking with you. Because each of these stories is dark contemporary fantasy, I like to think that they’ve got that potential, especially in cases where you realize just how plausible some of them could be. In particular, the ending of “Miasma” still creeps me out a little, and I wrote it! “Terpsichore” and “One for Every Year” also have that lingering creepiness to them. In fact, the only story in Volatile Figments that might not have the creepy lingering feeling is “Spirit Week,” which is a bit more humorous than the other stories in this collection.

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