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Camp Haunt, Exclusively at Channillo

Cover art for Camp HauntCamp Haunt is an unusual novella. It’s an epistolary novel, with the fragments including letters, diary entries, and camp forms. It’s one that I wrote without substantial revision, as I was often writing each section of it about a week before they went live. It’s also the only novella that I’ve published but not via the normal retailers.

I’ve considered a couple of options for gettingĀ Camp Haunt more widely available. My first thought was a full rewrite that would still use the epistolary pieces, but would have a narrative woven through the pieces. I made an attempt at this and didn’t complete it, as I found that I really did like the sparse epistolary style better for this story. I’ve also considered collecting it as is into an ebook, but I haven’t done that yet.

For the time being, Camp Haunt is exclusively available via Channillo, which is a site where authors can publish their stories or books for subscribers to the platform. There are tons of other books and stories available there, and a subscription gives you access to multiple books at a time. But without a subscription, you can’t read much of Camp Haunt. So if a creepy novella about a summer camp is your jam, you’ll have to check it out at Channillo with a subscription!

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