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The Cobalt City Roots of Sparx and Arrows

Cover art for Sparx & ArrowsOf the five stories in Sparx and Arrows, only three of them take part entirely in Cobalt City, the home to many superheroes, and where each of the heroes in this collection got their start.

“Big in Japan,” as the name might suggest, is one of the two stories not entirely within Cobalt City. This story utilizes the “Coil,” a spring-like phenomenon that links together alternate realities, or “iterations,” as they’re known in the universe. After learning about the Coil and iterations from one of her friends encountering other versions of himself from other iterations, Kara Sparx gets curious and also finds a way to travel the Coil.

“Red Scare,” on the other hand, takes place in the home iteration of Cobalt City, but the story is set in Europe, soon after the end of World War II. In that case, Sarah Castile, in her guise of Lady Huntsman, takes part in a rescue mission for a German scientist who wants to avoid being forced to work for the Russians. Instead, Sarah recommends that young scientist and his wife go to Cobalt City, as it’s a good place for them to raise their family.

One of the fun things about the Cobalt City shared universe is that we’ve got a big city as our primary playground, but the entire world AND alternate realities are also part of the playground. So the entire universe really becomes our playground, in a way, allowing for stories like these two in Sparx and Arrows!

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