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My Writing Must-Haves

What’s on your writing must-have list? Here’s mine:

  1. My laptop. Can’t get very far without it. Because I don’t really take it anywhere aside from the spare bedroom, I have a device that lifts the screen up to eye level when it’s on a table, but that also renders the keyboard difficult to use, so I have an external keyboard and wireless mouse as well.
  2. My planner book. This tells me what I’m working on, and I use it to track what I’ve finished.
  3. Post-it notes. These are for the things I’m working on, because putting them on post-it notes instead of writing plans in my planner book allows me to rearrange the schedule as needed.
  4. Pens. For writing the completed tasks on the actual paper of my planner book.
  5. Stickers. Also go into the planner book to indicate that I’ve gotten things done. I’m very motivated by seeing a list of what I’ve done, but also stickers are still a great motivator for me, many years out of school.

I’ve also got lots of other things that I like to have around, like my plethora of card-based story, character, and world generators. But they’re only essential for certain stages of the writing process. The rest of these things are constant companions if I plan to get writing done!

What sort of must-haves do you need? Tell me about it in the comments!

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