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Self-Acceptance in What If I’m A Merfolk

When I collected the poems that I’d written forĀ What If I’m a Merfolk?, one of the themes that stood out for me was one of self-acceptance. These poems often revolved around the idea of a person realizing that they were a merfolk and learning to love the changes to their bodies. But there are also poems that praise merfolk of all shapes and sizes, not just the svelte and beautiful mermaids of myth and legend. After all, the ocean is cold, and perhaps merfolk more similar to walruses would be more comfortable in the ocean’s depths.

Much like when I talked about the theme of becoming a merfolk in this collection, there’s a sense of transformation and finding the body that fits correctly, rather than the body one was born with. This is a powerful theme to me, and I hope that I’ve handled it well!

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