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Fun For Friday: Poisonous Prompts?

It’s time for more image prompts, and this week, I started with a theme of “poison room”. But I’d say that the results diverged a bit from that.

The first image is a small, capped, brown medicine bottle marked with a skull and crossbones, on a pale orange patterned surface and in front of a wall with gold swirly or organic shapes on a magenta background.

The second image is a disused room with damaged walls, a set of slightly ajar double doors with windows on the upper three-quarters, and a promise of sunlight and greenery beyond. Two overstuffed red velvet armchairs, dusty and faded, sit angled toward each other, and the floor is covered with pale colored dirt or debris.

The third image is mostly dark, but has what looks like an ice or glass lantern in the foreground and a similarly shaped lit object in the distance. The lantern is shaped a little like a castle, with higher portions at each corner, and what it illuminates of the ground looks as though it could be covered in snow. A narrow stick is illuminated near the base of the object, additionally suggesting this is an outdoor scene.

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