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Becoming a Merfolk

Several of the poems and some of the stories in What If I’m a Merfolk? revolve around the idea of someone becoming a merfolk when they previously were not. In some cases, it’s a hereditary condition that emerges at a certain point in a character’s life. In other cases, it’s a blessing bestowed by another merfolk.

I found myself drawn to the former idea, in particular, when drafting the poetry that was destined forĀ What If I’m a Merfolk? The idea of a person not realizing that they had this great potential locked inside of them was very appealing, especially when I could explore what it was like for the characters to come into this realization. Would they be entirely happy to learn that they were a merfolk? Or would they still long for their life on land?

The topic is resonant with a lot of people because it is a difficult choice, and I hope that some of my poems captured that resonance!

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