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My 2020 Poetry Publications

In 2020, I had eight of my poems published, in addition to the ones I included in What If I’m a Merfolk?

“Play with Us” is a cute little poem published in Eye to the Telescope in January, about aliens and humans interacting through a sport or game.

“Motes and Morsels” was a poem that I wrote based on seeing how many words from a list I could integrate into a poem. The other aspect of this was that the words were somewhat obscure, and the goal was to fit them into the poem without blatantly defining them. This poem appeared in Apparition Lit  in January.

“To the Underworld” was a Persephone-themed cascade I wrote with a bunch of other Persephone and Greek mythology poems. This one found a home in Abyss & Apex in April.

“Schrodinger’s Tardigrades” was inspired by learning that there was a bunch of junk, including human excrement, on the moon, along with stray tardigrades. This one appeared in Star*Line in April.

“Fire burning inside” was a haiku in Frozen Wavelets June issue. Being a haiku, there’s not a lot more to say about it, as this listing for it is already longer than the poem.

“He Who Is in the Place of Embalming” was inspired by an illustration of a modern Anubis, and appeared in The Weird and Whatnot in August.

“The Sea Sings Back” was written for an online challenge, which I think was phrased as “what does the sea say?”, but I twisted it a little. It appeared in the November issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

Finally, “The Wisdom of Leaves,” which I wrote during Drawlloween this year, was a poem about animals reading fallen leaves like tarot cards or (perhaps more appropriately) tea leaves. It appeared in TERSE in November.


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