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Promise Me Nothing Cover Reveal!

I’m super excited to show off the cover for my next novel, Promise Me Nothing, a young adult urban fantasy novel that will be out in mid-February! J. Kathleen Cheney, who also created the updated covers for my¬†Brass & Glass trilogy, is responsible for the artistry you see here–she absolutely nailed what I wanted for my cover!

The main character (pictured) is Briar Williams, a fae exile who is sent to a supernatural reform school of sorts, where she doesn’t have access to her powers, like the other students there. But there are still people out to get her, and she has to deal with the things they’re throwing at her while making friends and surviving algebra class.

This is a stand-alone novel, so you don’t need to worry about cliffhangers and waiting a year for the next one! DefCon One Publishing will have pre-orders up for Promise Me Nothing in January, but for now, enjoy the cover!

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