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“Nochnaya Serenada” in Unfixed Timelines 2

The Night Witches were a fascinating and talented group of Russian female pilots during World War II who flew tiny, fragile, slow planes. They made a major impact on the Russian war effort, and they suffered only a small number of casualties in spite of the odds.

I’m a sucker for any stories of historical women doing awesome things, and the Night Witches are no exception. I learned about them initially through a roleplaying game and then did some more research to sate my curiosity. What I found was filled with plenty of true stories of heroism and bravery, but I also saw a way to weave a little fiction into their tales. What if there really had been some witches among the Night Witches, rather than them being named for the sweeping sound their planes made while gliding?

“Nochnaya Serenada” is my take on this possibility, with a Russian opera-singing witch rescuing her pilot and fighting Nazis along the way. You can find it inĀ Unfixed Timelines 2, along with an essay about the real Night Witches.

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