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Coast to Coast Stars: A Pale Imitation

“A Pale Imitation” is a story about the daughters of a hero in “Happily Never After,” but it was also my response to a list of prompts related to superheroes who were twins and they ways they could use that to their advantage. By giving a pair of sisters the same powers, they could easily pretend to be only one hero, expanding their reach and making them seem even more impressive that they already were. Add in a brother to run communications and logistics for them, and they are a fierce crime fighting family!

I love writing stories with families, and sisters are, of course, my absolute favorite, as I grew up with two sisters and a brother. Playing around with the interactions between siblings is easy for me, as I can draw on my own experiences. And while they may not be universal, they’re definitely evocative!

You can check out “A Pale Imitation” and four other stories inĀ Coast to Coast Stars!

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