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Show Recommendation: Over the Garden Wall

Our friend Kai mentioned watching Over the Garden Wall every year before Halloween, so Jeremy and I decided to add it to our Halloween watching list. Unsurprisingly, we loved it. It’s dark fantasy with an adorable comic relief character, and it hits just enough of those Ghibli-esque vibes to be poignant and wonderful.

It’s technically a show, but it’s only ten episodes, and each episode is eleven minutes, so it’s very easy to just watch the whole thing as a movie with small breaks in it. And if you find you like it, you’ll find it SUPER easy to blow through the whole show in one sitting, like we did.

From a storytelling perspective, it amazed me how much could be crammed into eleven-minute-long episodes. Each episode reminded me of a well-crafted flash fiction piece, in a linked series.


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